knuckles3333's Journal

20 May 1987
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I have decided to document my life in this journal
to help keep track of my thoughts, life, and dreams.
My life has been a constant dilema from my problems
to my friends problems that I am dragged into. I don't
have a perfect life I just try to make the best of what
I have. Battling from one side of myself to another I
feel like I am two people at times. Good and Bad. Light
and Dark. Left or Right. As I live now I prefer to walk
inside the lines and leave my self between the choices
that their are. My world is gray and I keep it that way,
time from time I tend to get pulled to one side or the other.
I think Im a good person but how can anyone decide that about
themselves. I enoy many things on a very diverse level. I like
meeting new people as much as possible and hope that I keep all
my old friends until the day I die. I have my own style in life
and in the way I dress. I experiment with my hair a lot just to
see what I can do with it.